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New Grading System for SPM

New Grading System for SPM

Malaysian education system is based on the current political situation. We notice, every time there is a new minister, there will be new education policies coming on.

As we read in the New Straits Times recently (October 3, 2009), a new system will be used to grade all papers in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination starting this year. This development is in line with the appointment of Tan Sri Muhyiddin as a Minister of Education.

The Education Ministry announced that a new grade of A+, followed by A, A-, B+, B, C+, C,D, E and G for those who fail. It will replace the previous A1, A2 or B3, B4, 5C, 6C, 7D, 8E and 9G.

Education director general, Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom said the new grading system would help the ministry identify outstanding students for training programs.

According to the director general, the new grading system would help the ministry to grade students better and select excelent students for scholarships since the grades are more detailed. An A plus will be the highest grade.

If we notice, the new grading system is not material. Only a new grade in 'A' is introduced which comprises 3 grades in A as compared to 2 grades in A previously. The others are still the same except they change the name only. For example, instead of calling B3 and B4, the ministry change it to B+ and B.

I am confused with the ministry of education policy of selecting excellent students for the scholarships. The Ministry is still emphasis on the academic achievements rather than co-corriculum activities and leadership quality of the students. The Ministry should be more transparent in intoducing new grading system which comprises academic grading plus non academic grading system. I called this system as "Composite Grading" and it can be used to grade a student based on his academic and non academic achievements.

"Composite Grade" will be used by the government to select students in giving a scholarship or rewards. This type of announcement by the Ministry of Education is more meaningful to the parents and the public to read.

I do hope political parties mainly UMNO, MIC and MCA should sensitive about transparency of grading system for national education as I mentioned in this article. I do not see much talks have been discussed by political parties especially MCA and MIC about the education grading system except busy with their leadership issues.

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alvin said...

do you really think it's a suitable to implement the new grading system as the SPM 2009 candidates is going to sit for their exam this year?